Discovery Class

WHAT: The Discovery Class is a Bible study for internationals taught in English.
WHEN: Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. Eastern time, at First Alliance Church, or on Zoom.
FOR WHOM: Anyone who would like to study the Bible with others.
FORMAT: Questions regarding the Bible passage are sent to you by email early in the week. We will provide you with a Bible.
PREPARATION expected: Each participant can read the passage and questions ahead of time, prepare the answers, and be ready to be actively involved in class. Discussions will be encouraged. You may also “audit” and listen, without speaking.
LEADER: Nancy Gieschen with a team of teachers, 
*Please email Nancy at this address. You will receive the next lesson by email, with the link to the Zoom meeting if you would like to attend online


语言: 普通话   
时间: 星期日. 930-1030am at First Alliance Church, or on Zoom
对象: 所有对圣经有兴趣的朋友和弟兄姐妹.
内容: 会与英文Discovery Class 同步.